Monday, 2 April 2012

Drilling is the key

Sabihah Stars attended the brilliant Sadie's workshop this Sunday. I have admired Sadie from afar 'youtube' and watched her rise to mainstream fame since America's got talent. I loved Sadie & Kaya choreography and admired their technique. They helped bring belly dancing to a wide audience in America and rocked their killer curves.  Of course, in the harsh world of 'YouTube' some notibly from the Middle East claimed it was not proper Belly Dance and dismissed them in my opinion carelessly because whilst their belly dance is choreographed which is not authentic to many Middle Eastern dancers their master of technique is undeniable. 

As Sadie's workshop started it was clear from the offset drilling was going to be the aim of the game, and we drilled for well over an hour.  Every part of my body feeling the burn from arm postures to burning thighs. My body trying to knock old habits.  I have never been a drill fan. I bore easily.  I also find I shy away from too much in class at the fear of drilling the passion from my students but after Sadie's workshops I am converted. It is the only way I will be able to layer in the way I want, to improve my technique and become a better dancer.  I also admired Sadie teaching style. She taught us how she does things, that it may not be the right way or wrong way but simply her way. How refreshing from some dance classes where you are told this is the only way, the right way!

After lunch we moved onto the diva within although to be fair I feel my diva is pretty much out there but some valuable tips of making simple moves look impressive, beautiful poses for those Kodak moments and a connection to your soul.

I left inspired, motivated and reminded of all the reasons why I fell in love with this dance form.  I shall no longer be shying way from the drills and my diva will certainly not be staying within.

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