Saturday, 28 January 2012

Belly Dance Fusion

Last night Sabihah Stars were asked to dance at Ariellah Showcase.  The showcase as well as headliner Ariellah featured wonderful dancers such as Darkstar and Sorcha Ra.  Predominately the showcase was tribal fusion or a more dark variety of belly dance with a sprinkling of traditional.

We opened the show so got a chance to watch the rest of the showcase.  I was really inspired by the performances, the interpretation of music & different styles.

Whilst Sabihah Stars style of dance & traditional set was so far away from many of the other acts all dancers  were supportive & complementary and we had a great evening.

Personally, I really enjoy fusion dance & really enjoy watching belly dance being fused with other dance forms. I have never really understood the attitudes of some that fusion dance is ruining the belly dance art form. I believe in honouring & respecting the roots of belly dance but I also am fully subscribed to the notion that dance is open to personal interpretation and all dance should evolve.  That's one of the reasons I really enjoy fusion belly dance and last night was no different. I will never be a tribal belly dancer but I love to watch it, it inspires me and I wish to be able to be as fluid and intense as they are but I am also fully aware that the traditional form suits me more, is more connected to who I am.  Saying that, I love to fuse belly dance with street and commercial dance, that way I am able to connect to a wider audience when I teach, they recognise the song from the charts, they connect to it and in turn learn belly dance moves.  I don't see the harm in fusion in fact I embrace it.  The more that belly dance can connect with people the more people that will fall in love with this beautiful dance form.

In conclusion whether you like your belly dance to be Egyptian, Turkish, Tribal, Gothic, fused, traditional etc then that's your personal choice for me who is to say what is right and what is wrong, most importantly if when you dance you feel connected and happy and if you inspire people to watch, learn and embrace bellydance then I think that's the most important thing.

Last night at the wonderful showcase, I was inspired, connected and happy.  In my mind its always important to keep an open mind and to support fellow dancers in their own journey whichever road they take.

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