Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year - Welcome to 2012 and my first ever blog, I'm new to this so bear with me!

Through this blog I intend to share my world of belly dance, a world I am still discovering and learning about everyday.  I am not Arabic, I am not from the middle east, I do not claim to know everything about Belly Dancing as us Westerners call it, otherwise  know as Oriental Dance, Raks Sharqi, Middle Eastern Dance among others but what I do know is that as soon as I started to learn belly dancing it is the only form of dance that has ever really made sense to me and my body.  It is how I feel I am suppose to move.  I am in love.

To say belly dance has changed my life is not an exaggeration, I've gained body confidence, I've made life long friends, I've started a whole new career one in which I can say I love (how many people can say that about their job!).

So here you will find out about my classes, my troupe Sabihah Stars, what inspires me, techniques, workshops, music, costumes, my views, everything I feel relevant to my world of belly dance.  I don't to claim to be anything other than a lover of this dance, I embrace all the different fusions, styles and the traditional belly dance.

My world is chaotic, I juggle belly dancing with a full time job in property management and some bridal modelling.  I teach four belly dance classes a week and often perform at weekends.  I travel often to see my husband who lives and works in Finland.....but I intend to find time to share for those who want this world through my eyes....a world where dance keeps me sane!


  1. Congratulations on your new blog! I remember when I started! But it has been a great experience, and I've had so much fun! I love your costume! I love to design, draw and make them. As your new follower I look forward to reading more great posts in the future!

  2. Thank you, I must really try to stay with this blogging I thought I would find it easier as I have so much to say for myself but I haven't at all. I will keep trying. Thanks for the encouragment x